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Intel Mini Scientist

Our third class, fourth, fifth and sixth classes have entered the Intel Mini-Scientist Competition.  Children explore science through project based learning and present it in an exhibition.  Children work on their projects as individuals or in groups of up to four people. They come up with their own scientific investigation. Each group will present their own project in a project book and visual display. On Tuesday November 8th the Intel judges visited our school to choose our winners.  On Wednesday November 9th the classes presented their projects to parents.  Our school winner will represent us in the Regional Final. 

The winners were:
Ms Gannon's Third Class:
First Place: How Do Hot Air Balloons Work? – Dylan, Cillian S. & Michael
Second Place: Snow Leopards – Isla B. & Violet
Third Place: Volcanoes – Billy

Ms Conlon's Fourth Class:
First Place: Crystals – Faye & Liesel
Second Place: Lights – Seb & Cormac                                                                 
​Third Place: Bees –

Mr Kearn’s Fourth Class:
First Place: Hydraulics - Tommy, Marlisse, Hannah & Tom
Second Place: Tooth Decay – Abbie & Hazel
Third Place: Invisible forces – Cormac, Ethan, Thomas D. & Alex

Ms Geraghty’s Fifth Class:
First Place: Taste – Sita & Cara
Second Place: How Do Crystals Grow – Matthew, Ziyaam & Eric
Third Place: Sofija – Citrus Fruits

Mr Ruane’s Fifth Class:
First Place: Oisín, Rían, Fionn & Luke – Cystic Fibrosis
Second Place: C.J – Flight & Aeroplanes
Third Place: Phone Charging Fridge - Lauren

Mr Murphy’s Fifth Class:
First Place: The Greenhouse Effect – Ambar, Isabel, Darina & Helena
Second Place: Sunburn – Lauren & Maya D.
Third Place: What are the Effects of Temperature on Air? – James & Sheá

Ms Duffy’s Sixth Class:
First Place: Power – Patrick, Sam, Conor & Ciarán
Second Place: The Ear & Sound - Freddy
Third Place: What Makes Happiness? – Alice, Vida, Mihika & Ella

Mr Maher’s Sixth Class:
First Place: Lemon Powered Battery – Evan, Oliver & Thomas
Second Place: Snails – Rían
Third Place: Our Solar System – Matilda & Amber

School Winner: First Place: Hydraulics - Tommy, Marlisse, Hannah & Tom

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